Holiday weekend Mr Carpet

Your loved ones can celebrate the end of the week in the Lake Persian Gulf Messrs carpet attend.

Happy and fun family weekend at the Lake Persian Gulf with Tehran.

Mr Carpet host your loved ones, waiting for you.

Thursday at 20

Friday at 18


Installment purchase, cash gift.

No time to do something in return for installment purchases and get cash gift Certificate?

Installment buying something that’s always been difficult and liability limitations that the model you buy is always present. For example, for the purchase and installment always require prepayment or individual is required to be introduced as a guarantor. Only after this trouble, always amount as the fee that will be paid in installments commodity price much higher than its spot price to finish. These are all issues that we are facing in collection of Mr. carpet to believe, is one of the best ways to serve the Mshtryanmvn installment purchase terms to facilitate them. The same idea of ​​the formation of new Farshvarە the form of Mr. carpet. This Farshvarh you, you can choose your own carpet with no down payment and guarantee in the form of installment purchase and not pay any fees in exchange for the purchase. Fresh, beside all this, to pass the Frshvarh Hzvrtvn you get a gift from Mr. carpet in cash! This means that you can effortlessly purchase payments, receive cash gifts. That’s why the motto of this Farshvarە Mr. carpet: Farshvarە shopping and savings. This means that you are indeed Mr. Certificate of your money into your savings.

All this combined with easy access to Messrs carpet and a huge collection of carpets pleasant shopping the quality of Iranian and foreign brands can experience a very attractive buy carpets brought to you.

Do not forget that this Farshvarh only up to 15 June, so it’s better to lose time again.


Mr. doctor working head of Iran’s National Carpet Center on 18 December and his team had visited the store’s carpet. Mr. Farahi managing director Mr. carpet on products and store amenities offered a commentary.


Eight weeks, and each week one lucky customer, Mr carpets week, and 100 million rials in cash gifts to the lucky draw will win. Draw the time of the first Persian date Dey 20 months.


listed by the Ministry of industry, mine and trade has been set purchase. List of goods purchased in the project through the state port (, Moth ( and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade ( is available to the public.

In the first phase of the project, demand administrative affairs, operating companies and pension funds from banks to pay salaries, forms placed at their disposal the staff and employees who wish to receive a pension card purchase Iranian goods be provided. After completing and sending out applications by companies and pension funds, banks of cards issued by the clients through their respective devices. Delivery time cards to the applicants, the ability to purchase in-person and online sales centers will be specified. Customers can SMS with information on the above, to repayment of their loans act like other service bills.

In the later stages of the project, enabling the card to buy Iranian goods to the public individually by visiting bank branches and credit institutions will be there.
In this scheme, for every Iranian citizen maximum of Iranian goods to be exported can buy a card.


His large collection carpet with the opening of the first social page was launched on Instagram. From then following the Iranmrcarpet page on Instagram, ahead of all the latest news and special conditions for our Buy call.


One of the new advertising methods, the use of the promotion. Promotion, a new method of direct, face-to-face to explain to the consumer.

Mr. carpets Iran by launching a project called “Mr. carpets are Iranian guests” and by teaching colleagues, to inform the public about the benefits of the visit and purchase from your collection, and in the meantime, the donation of gift cards, including Special discounts dear people buy products, customers are free to transfer their residence to place of work or shop in passage Caspian Iranian carpet was Mr. Abad Tehran takes action.


For the convenience of buyers, Mr. carpets, sale of the collection was started.


The largest supply of machine-made carpets and hand woven with the brand or brands, “Mr. carpets from Iran,” Tehran Abad found in the area was launched. Ali Farahi Director Mr. carpets from Iran, the announcement said: It is set in an area of ​​six thousand square meters and is located in the market Abad Tehran with Iran’s supply of carpets and carpets handmade 20 brand carpet, carpets and flooring and interior work has begun.

Director Mr. carpets from Iran, the launch of new branches in other provincial capitals Mr. carpet announced and added: Now Carpets Farhi, having 126 stores nationwide branch is active, but since the launch hypermarket carpet will be met with great public interest, trying to expand its branches in other parts of the country, Mr. carpets good services to our customers.