The goverment allocated 10 million USD loan plans to buy Iranian goods


listed by the Ministry of industry, mine and trade has been set purchase. List of goods purchased in the project through the state port (, Moth ( and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade ( is available to the public.

In the first phase of the project, demand administrative affairs, operating companies and pension funds from banks to pay salaries, forms placed at their disposal the staff and employees who wish to receive a pension card purchase Iranian goods be provided. After completing and sending out applications by companies and pension funds, banks of cards issued by the clients through their respective devices. Delivery time cards to the applicants, the ability to purchase in-person and online sales centers will be specified. Customers can SMS with information on the above, to repayment of their loans act like other service bills.

In the later stages of the project, enabling the card to buy Iranian goods to the public individually by visiting bank branches and credit institutions will be there.
In this scheme, for every Iranian citizen maximum of Iranian goods to be exported can buy a card.

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